Ross: 'I'd rather be of value to this team'

NEW YORK -- Three days remain until Tuesday's trading deadline, and while the Los Angeles Angels, one of the teams ahead of the Sox in the wild-card race, made a big deal Friday night for a starting pitcher, Zack Greinke, Red Sox GM Ben Cherington acknowledged that there was little likelihood the Sox would make a matching move. Certainly not one that would cost them the kind of prospects the Angels gave up for Greinke.

And why should he, given the way the Sox are playing? The possibility remains that Cherington will decide to deal off useful pieces, like outfielder Cody Ross, catcher Kelly Shoppach and reliever Matt Albers, unless the Sox present a more compelling case that they’re a contender.

A sell-off may not happen by Tuesday, but there’s also the August waiver period.

"I'd rather be of value to this team, you know?" Ross said. "It'll be nice once we're past this [deadline], so we can say, 'OK, this is what we got.'"