Bobby V dismisses recent flaps

In his weekly appearance on the Michael Kay Show on ESPN NY on Friday, Red Sox manager Bobby Valentine covered several hot-button issues with his usual guarded candor and some sarcasm. He dismissed a recent Boston Globe story suggesting that he "doesn't care if he gets fired" and also spoke about Curt Schilling's comments Friday on WEEI that Valentine and his players were a bad mix. He also took a few shots at the media before turning serious and insisting that he believes the Red Sox can win the AL East.

On the recent flap over the sarcastic “Nice inning, kid’’ comment Valentine had made to third baseman Will Middlebrooks after an inning in which he’d made a couple of misplays.

"I think it's just a joke that even someone in the media would think that it was valuable enough to make a story out of it."

Kay asked Valentine if he could trust his dugout since, Kay said, someone had to have run to the media with the story. Valentine never mentioned to Kay that he was the one who volunteered the story in his radio appearance on WEEI two days earlier.

On his cameo appearance on a TV spot by Boston Globe columnist Dan Shaughnessy, in which the manager walked behind Shaughnessy, jumped up and said, “I don’t want to be fired.’’ Kay asked if it was true that he said that Shaughnessy wasn’t telling the truth.

“I never said he wasn’t telling the truth." (Technically, the manager was being truthful. What he said, however, was, “He [Shaughnessy] is making it up.’’)

On whether he believes this is a bad mix of players for him?

"Who knows. I don't know how good of a mix it was last year for the manager who preceded me, and I don't know how good a mix it is right now for me. I kinda like these guys, personally, and I think we have a chance to win it all. As long as the media's not getting on my players, and they're not talking about stupid things every day that don't effect them, I think everything is cool."

On whether the Red Sox hit a turning point when they won two out of three last weekend from the Yankees:

"Oh, I don't know... I think in this division the team that gets hot last is the team that's going to win the division. And I know the Yankees have been out there all year and I think recent history will show us that teams that are out there all year until August, it means very little in this division. So I'm hoping we're going to be the team that gets hot last."

The radio segment opened with Valentine jokingly saying that the Red Sox had made a waiver claim on Cliff Lee.

“I can’t wait to hear about that comment,’’ he said. “That’ll be all over. I’m trying to be the general manager will be the next story we have to deal with.’’

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