Injury bug worst in at least 41 seasons

BOSTON -- The Red Sox have gone six days without placing a player on the disabled list (Daniel Nava, Aug. 1, retroactive to July 29). We’re not being flip.

The longest stretch the Sox have gone this season without a player going on the DL is 19 days, from May 21, when Ryan Sweeney was disabled with a concussion, until June 10 (retro to June 9), when Rich Hill went on the 60-day DL with a strained left elbow.

Since then, the Sox have placed a player on the DL in intervals of 6, 1, 2, 5, 9, 3, 9, 3, 12 and 1 day.

In all, the Sox have used the DL 27 times, with 23 players -- two short of a full roster -- spending time there. Both totals are the most for any Red Sox team since 1971, according to the team’s research. According to STATS, Inc., the 23 players are most for any team since at least 1987, and only two teams in the last 25 years have had more than 27 DL stints -- the 2004 Rangers (29) and 2008 Nationals (30).

The ’04 Rangers still managed to go 89-73 despite their slew of injuries, and finished just three games behind the Angels in the AL West. The Rangers were in first place as late as Aug. 5 and were just two games out entering the last week of the season, even though they had just two pitchers (Kenny Rogers and Ryan Drese) who made more than 15 starts and used 17 different pitchers as starters.

The Nationals, meanwhile, lost 102 games. They lost 103 the next season.

The Sox have had 12 current or former All-Stars on the DL this season. Only three positions on the field have been unaffected by the DL -- first base, shortstop and catcher.