Armbands for Pesky in place

BALTIMORE -- The Red Sox are going to honor the memory of Johnny Pesky with patches and armbands on their jerseys for the rest of this season.

Pesky, who died Monday at age 92, will be honored with the Red Sox wearing black armbands on the right sleeve of their gray road uniforms. They were in place for Tuesday’s game with the Orioles.

When the Red Sox wear their home white uniforms and two alternatives, there will be a two-inch black circle surrounding a white number 6 -- Pesky’s jersey number.

There was a moment of silence in Pesky’s honor just before the start of Tuesday’s game. This came after the crowd began spontaneously clapping when a picture of Pesky was shown on the video screen and a list of his various accomplishments was read.

Players and manager Bobby Valentine talked about Pesky before the game, and it was clear to see how much his death touched members of the team.

Here’s a sampling of what was said:

David Ortiz -- “When you talk about the Red Sox, you talk about Johnny Pesky. Not being able to have him around physically any more, it’s just something hard to deal with. It’s very devastating. Johnny was an unbelievable human being. He always had some good things to say, some funny things to say. I’m going to miss all that. The most important [thing] was his personality. It was great to have him around. We’re going to miss him a lot.”

Clay Buchholz -- “He was just a guy that had been around the game a long time. If anybody does [now] what he did, they might be considered to be in the Hall of Fame -- batting over .300 for his career. It was neat to come up here and see a figure like that to still be in the clubhouse, still in uniform. I wasn’t as close to him as David [Ortiz] and [Tim Wakefield] and [Jason Veritek] were. He was around a lot, so everyone saw him. Even when he couldn’t get around that good, he was still upbeat about everything. That’s how I’ll always remember him.”

Valentine -- “I wish I knew Johnny as well as most of the people here. I knew him from afar. He always was the symbol for the Red Sox for me. He was the right guy in the right place, saying and doing the right thing. He’ll be missed.”