Schilling: Bobby V 'toothless from day one'

Bobby V. Drama (1:50)

The BBTN Crew discusses the state of the Red Sox clubhouse with players disgruntled with Bobby Valentine. (1:50)

In the video above, Curt Schilling and Barry Larkin weigh in on the latest flap involving Bobby Valentine, a Yahoo! Sports report that a group of disgruntled players met with owners to strongly complain about the manager.

Schilling has his harshest words for Red Sox ownership, saying Valentine's hands were tied from the start.

"They didn't allow him to do the things you allow a manager to do," Schilling said of the Sox owners. "He was toothless from day one."

Of the atmosphere in the clubhouse, Schilling said, "Everybody's talking about everything but winning ballgames. It's been a problem, it's been a problem for a while. Being in a clubhouse, the one thing you don't want to do is spend energy away from focusing on winning ballgames.

"There's no one party to blame; there's no one person to blame. They've had injuries; they've had everything. But this has got to be a nightmare. It's got to be a challenge to go in that clubhouse every day and focus on winning."