Francona: Drama tends to spiral in Boston

Former Red Sox manager Terry Francona was on the Michael Kay show in ESPN New York Radio on Wednesday (click here to listen) and was asked about the turmoil currently engulfing the Red Sox.

Like manager Bobby Valentine noted earlier in the day in an interview on Boston sports radio station WEEI, Francona said once the drama starts in Boston, it’s hard to stop it.

“Once things get in the news in Boston, you used a good word, ‘spiral,’” said Francona, who is currently an ESPN baseball analyst. “What I would fear as a manager or as an organization, is not that things happen -- because things happen all the time, you have arguments with players and things like that -- but once something like this happens, now there’s going to be fallout.

“Every single media person up there that didn’t get the story is going to follow up on it and have their own version of it. There’s going to be a lot of anonymous sources and things like that. That gets a little bit frustrating, especially during the year when you’re trying to mount a comeback and win, there ends up being too much energy spent on things other than winning.”

Francona also elaborated on forums that Red Sox ownership had when he was with the team, forums that seem similar to the one the team had in late July in New York, save for one detail. Ownership staged three meetings in New York in late July, one with players, one with coaches and a third with Valentine. Francona said there was usually just one meeting during his tenure.

“We used to have these things called roundtables,” he explained. “It was once a month, maybe every 6 weeks, and they’d have maybe 6 or 7 players, me, a coach, traveling secretary and it was a really good idea. If you had a gripe you could say it, but it was more about traveling, things in the clubhouse, just keeping the lines of communication open so ownership and the front office never felt they weren’t on the same page with the players.”