Edes: 'This was all about finances'

In the video above, ESPNBoston's Gordon Edes breaks down the blockbuster deal between the Red Sox and Dodgers and how Josh Beckett will fit in.

To read Gordon's full analysis of why the Sox are making this megadeal happen, check out his column, which reads in part:

Sacrificing Adrian Gonzalez, whom they still regarded more as part of the solution than the problem, was the price they had to pay for getting out from under the $135 million or so still owed to Josh Beckett and Carl Crawford. It was almost inconceivable they would find a team willing to take on both salaries, especially given the injury history of both players and their subpar performances. The Dodgers were that team.

In one trade, the Red Sox eliminated nearly $60 million in guaranteed money from their 2013 payroll, a number that shrank from roughly $107 million to $47 million, according to numbers provided by Baseball Prospectus. What they do with that flexibility, of course, will ultimately determine how history will judge this deal. Rebuild? That word still does not exist in Lucchino's vocabulary. "Reset" is the operative principle here.

To read Edes' full take, CLICK HERE.