Spitballing a Farrell-for-Bard swap

A number of names have been thrown out in recent days as to who the Red Sox should hire as their next manager (assuming Bobby Valentine is fired at the end of the season).

Add ESPN baseball insider Buster Olney to the list of pundits speculating about the next Sox skipper. On the Mike and Mike show on ESPN Radio, he threw out an interesting scenario regarding Blue Jays manager -- and former Red Sox pitching coach -- John Farrell:

“The Red Sox actually thought they were going to get (Farrell) last fall,” Olney said. “They got very close by then the Blue Jays pulled him back.

“I think the Blue Jays will go to John Farrell, whose contract expires at the end of next year, and ask him, 'Look do you want to stay here?' And if he says no, it would make sense for the Blue Jays to go to the Red Sox and make a trade, maybe a John Farrell for Daniel bard-type thing.”

Would you be willing to give up Bard in order to acquire Farrell as manager? It’s all purely speculation, of course, but it’s an interesting topic. Share your thoughts in the comments section and the poll above.

(h/t: WEEI's Mut and Merloni)