Bobby V: No problems with Beckett

Red Sox manager Bobby Valentine, weighing in on Boston's blockbuster trade in his weekly appearance on ESPN New York radio, said that not much has changed in the clubhouse ("We've never had any kind of continuity with the players who were in uniform and ready to go during the day, so it's a little more of the same"), and maintained that he he had no problems with starting pitcher Josh Beckett.

He said he and the pitcher had "some really good conversations."

"We were in my office plenty of times. I always had a good feel about Josh," he said. "You know, I guess at times he might have said some things that, you know, were sarcastic or whatever guys might think them to be, in the food room or in the back of the plane at times about the entire Boston situation, but as far as I was concerned one-on-one, Josh is cool."

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