Bobby: I think I'll be here in '13 & beyond

Red Sox manager Bobby Valentine visited WEEI for his weekly gig on "The Big Show" toting boxing gloves and a smile -- his way of making light of last week's edgy interview in which he told host Glenn Ordway that he wanted to punch him in the mouth.

Valentine was in a far better mood than he was last week, when critics were loudly calling for his job. He talked about his up-and-down relationship with the media (which he referred to as a "pack of wolves"), the Red Sox role as spoiler, his future in Boston and more.

The subject of Kevin Youkilis came up briefly in the beginning, but Valentine said the subject was "dead." Later in the interview, however, Valentine brought up Youkilis once again.

"Just for the record, if you're going to bring up Youk, I'm going to say this. What was he hitting when he left here -- .238. And when he left here, everybody said he was hitting .238 because I really affected him. I was the cause. I was the root cause of his not performing well. Since he's been with Chicago, he's hitting .238. ... I just want to make it clear that the cause of him hitting .238 was not me."

Here are some other highlights:

On whether he gets joy in the Red Sox possibly being a spoiler in the playoff race:

"I never get satisfaction from other people's misery. I'm not one of those guys. Other people do live their life that way though, and go through a very bleak street as they walk down it I think, but I think by finishing strong, by giving our fans a taste of a good brand of baseball, and giving our fans a situation where they can sit and root for us against teams that they don't want to see win, I think I get great satisfaction."

On whether he expects to be back with the Red Sox in 2013:

"It's not up to me, but I think I will be. And beyond. ... Why would I tell you I want to be here for 2013 ... so that's going to be the end of something? That will be a continuation and hopefully the beginning of something really special."