Maddon brushes off Valentine comment

Tampa Bay Rays manager Joe Maddon said that he wasn't bothered by Red Sox manager Bobby Valentine bringing him into a heated discussion on Boston sports radio station WEEI last month in which Valentine was explaining why he arrived fewer than three hours before the start of a game in Oakland. In defending himself against criticism that he was late, Valentine said Maddon arrives at the ballpark "every day at 4 o'clock."

"I thought it was pretty funny. I didn't quite understand why I was being treated to such an illustrious moment," Maddon told reporters in St. Petersburg, Fla., on Monday, prior to Red Sox-Rays game, according to WEEI.com. "I was not upset. I was not anything. I just thought I needed to throw a little bit of humor out in response to that."

On the afternoon after Valentine's testy radio interview, Maddon said via Twitter: "Apologies to the writers for being late to today's pregame session. My pedicure appointment ran a little late."

Maddon said that on Monday, he showed up at the park "right around 3 o'clock."

"I was definitely going to come around 4, but I just thought the first game of the series, I couldn't do it. I had to get the lineup up," he said. "I definitely wanted to come at 4 o'clock today but I didn't."