Valentine: Some coaches weren't loyal

Before managing what perhaps will be his final game as skipper of the Boston Red Sox, Bobby Valentine on Wednesday said he felt some of his coaches undermined him at times during what has been a tumultuous season.

Here is some of the back and forth from his final weekly interview of the season on Boston sports radio station WEEI:

Host Glenn Ordway: Do you feel ... that the coaching staff and the people around you have been loyal to you during the course of the season?

Valentine: “No.”

Ordway: Why?

Valentine: “You asked me what I feel, that’s what I feel.”

Ordway: Do you feel that some of these guys on the staff have undermined you at times?

Valentine: “Yes.”

Ordway: Why do you think that was the case?

Valentine: “It’s just what I feel.”

Valentine also tried to dispel the notion that did not have a big part in hiring his coaches. “I interviewed everyone,” he said.

Ordway: So what went wrong?

Valentine: “Just bad decisions on my part. At times.”

“I had to work through it all. Just another thing that’s part and parcel with the job. Work though it and try to make it better. That’s my job to make it all better, make it all functional.”

Ordway: If you came back next year would you want different coaches?

Valentine: “Some. Yeah.”

Co-host Michael Holley: Is it in your makeup to fight for your job or will you let things happen as they happen?

Valentine: “If that’s what is needed. I think everyone knows who I am. I think the internal group knows who I am, what I am. They just have to figure out if that’s what they need.”