Schill: Bobby calling out coaches 'gutless'

Former Red Sox pitcher and current ESPN baseball analyst ripped into Bobby Valentine after the Sox manager said he felt undermined by some of his coaches this season. The following is Schilling’s take from Baseball Tonight (video above):

“This is one of the most gutless things I’ve seen anybody do. He’s ruined the careers of some of his coaches, maybe all of them, because all of them are thrown under that blanket. If you’re a manager and you have a problems with one of your coaches, you sit down in the office and have it out and either the coach goes or you fix it. If you can’t do that as a manager, if you can’t tell your coaching staff, ‘this is the line, this is how we do things, and this is what we do here.’ If you can’t do that, quit.

What’s the price of your integrity? (Red Sox hitting coach) Dave Magadan is one of the best coaches I’ve ever played for. I wasn’t a hitter, but he was phenomenal. (First base coach) Alex Ochoa is a phenomenal young coach. Every one of these guys is now going to carry this with them, ‘They’re disloyal, they talk behind their manager’s back.’

“You played with teammates you didn’t like, you played with teammates you didn’t get along with. You never did this to a teammate in the media, no matter how bad they were, ever. I don’t comprehend any of this.”