Schilling might have to sell bloody sock

Former Red Sox pitcher and current ESPN analyst Curt Schilling on Thursday confirmed reports that he might have to sell the famous bloody sock from the 2004 postseason in order to pay back debts from his failed software venture.

“Yeah. I personally co-signed for the finances for the company and put myself out there to do that,” he said. “When the company went bankrupt I am obligated to try and make amends. Unfortunately, this is one of the byproducts of that, having to pay for your mistakes.

“I am in a situation now where I’ve been working with the banks to try and to find an amicable solution. It’s still going to fall short of being able to pay, to me, the most important part of this, which is the 400 families who were most desperately affected by this. I am trying to do everything I can do to make it as right as I can make it.”

Schilling also didn’t rule out selling his World Series rings.

“I have debt. I have obligations,” he said. “I put my name to it. And if you’re not as good as your word, what good are you?”