Cherington to speak with coaches shortly

BOSTON -- Red Sox general manager Ben Cherington, asked about the status of the team's coaching staff in the wake of manager Bobby Valentine's firing, said Thursday he expected to speak with the coaches shortly, but that the new manager will have a "strong voice" in the composition of the 2013 staff.

Two longtime Red Sox coaches, bullpen coach Gary Tuck and hitting coach Dave Magadan, have option years in their contracts. Tuck said Wednesday he holds the option on his deal, while the club holds the option for 2013 on Magadan. If the club elects not to pick up Magadan's option, it would be in his best interests if they made that decision quickly, to give him the chance to take advantage of an opening elsewhere.

Tuck's decision to return will most likely depend on the identity of the new manager. He also has family health considerations. Magadan, who works tirelessly, is well liked by the players, but if the Red Sox's search for a new manager drags on, he may prefer to go elsewhere rather than risk not being kept.

Bench coach Tim Bogar interviewed for the Houston Astros' manager job and could interview for the Sox job. The base coaches, Jerry Royster and Alex Ochoa, both were chosen by Valentine, as was pitching coach Randy Niemann; they would seem to be in the most vulnerable position for future employment with the Sox.

Valentine created a stir on Wednesday when he said in a radio interview that he questioned the loyalty of some of his coaches and believed he had been undermined by members of his staff. Bob McClure, who began the season as pitching coach, was fired in August.