Henry: 'Extremely happy' Farrell is back

The Red Sox released the following statements in advance of today's news conference to introduce manager John Farrell:

* Red Sox owner John Henry: “We are extremely happy to have John Farrell back in our organization. Ben Cherington and John will form a very strong partnership in leading this club back to where it needs to be. John knows our club and division well. His baseball knowledge is unsurpassed and his background is diverse and rich. John is an articulate leader who has always had the respect of everyone who dealt with him at the Boston Red Sox.”

* Red Sox chairman Tom Werner: “Ben Cherington led a thoughtful, thorough, and detailed process. We examined some excellent candidates, any one of whom will be a good manager. With John Farrell, we have someone with a great track record in our organization, someone who has great relationships in our organization. We believe he will play a key role in restoring our club to the levels of success we have enjoyed over the past decade. We are elated to have him back.”

* Red Sox president Larry Lucchino: “John Farrell has so many attributes that we admire. He gets it. He is a most impressive interview -- open, honest, and articulate. We did not know if we could pry him loose from the Blue Jays, but discussions were amicable, and we were able to hammer out an agreement with them and with him, and now we are eager to continue our efforts to construct this club for next season and beyond.”

* General manager Ben Cherington: “John has a great combination of skills, experience, and leadership ability. He’s a pure baseball guy, with the ability to develop relationships across a broad spectrum. We look forward to working with him to build the next great Red Sox team.”