Farrell: Red Sox will speak with 'one voice'

BOSTON -- New Red Sox manager John Farrell stressed a team that was perceived as fractured this season would speak with "one voice" under his leadership and that trust would be paramount. He said he has already begun to reestablish relationships and would continue to do so as one of his first tasks, along with filling out his coaching staff.

"Yes, there are some relationships still existing with some of the players here but by no means will that be taken for granted," Farrell said. "There's familiarity. There's an understanding of maybe the person I am and certainly who they are. But it'll be my approach to be go back in, that's already started with conversations and a sit down with David (Ortiz) here already earlier today, to start to earn that trust and re-establish all those relationships."

When asked why this Red Sox job was attractive to him, he pointed to the significance of baseball to the region.

"I think Boston, in my mind, and it may be debatable across the country, this is the epicenter of the game," he said. "To come in and have at least four years of experience previous, not having sat in this seat, but been close to it to see the demands of the position, the passion of this region, the energy that is in this ballpark every single night. I think to a certain extent that energy and what people expect holds our players accountable with the effort that they put out every single night."

Farrell also stressed the importance of pitching, particularly starting pitching, and said he would be an aggressive manager, both on the basepaths and in other areas.