Source: Sox to hire Lovullo as bench coach

BOSTON -- The coaching staff of new Red Sox manager John Farrell began to take shape Tuesday, a baseball source revealing the team will hire Torey Lovullo as Farrell’s bench coach.

Lovullo, who managed with the Red Sox at Triple-A Pawtucket in 2010, had joined Farrell in Toronto as his first base coach when Farrell took the managerial job there.

The Red Sox are also hoping bullpen coach Gary Tuck will return to that role next season, the source said. Tuck has an option year in his contract for 2013 and had said he would return "if the situation is good for me."

Tuck and Farrell enjoyed a close relationship when Farrell was pitching coach in Boston, but Tuck is also dealing with an illness in his family, so that could be a factor in his decision as well.

The Red Sox have a vacancy at hitting coach with Dave Magadan leaving for the Texas Rangers, but the other spots are up in the air.

“We had given all the coaches permission to look around as soon as the season was over,” general manager Ben Cherington said. “Now that John’s here we’ll go about the process of filling out the staff and that will include consideration of the current coaches, but we don’t have anything to report on that.”

The Red Sox have Alex Ochoa as first base coach and Jerry Royster at third base. Tim Bogar had been bench coach. He recently turned down the bench coaching job with the Houston Astros. A Red Sox source indicated Bogar will be given the chance to remain with the organization in another role.

“We’re looking at them as open but that doesn’t mean we’re closing the door to someone who was here before,” explained Cherington. “We wanted to give John the latitude to have a fresh canvas to work off of, but he’s has been and will talk to some of the people who are on the staff this year and we’ll see where it ends up. Most importantly, he’s got to put the staff together that he believes fits the criteria that he talked about.”

The current Sox pitching coach -- a role Farrell held from 2007-2010 -- is Randy Niemann, who took over when Bob McClure was fired late in the season. Pawtucket pitching coach Rich Sauveur could be considered for the job, given his working relationship with the majority of the pitchers already on the staff.

“With any position, stability is critical,” Farrell said. "I think it’s important for the pitching coach coming in that this isn’t going to be a situation, because so much has been brought out about my return here, that it’s not going to be micromanaged. Certainly there’s going to be involvement, but that person needs the freedom to do his job and do it to the best of his ability and that’s why, to me, it’s important to get the most qualified pitching coach available and bring him in here.”