Manuel on Victorino: 'He's energy'

NASHVILLE -- Phillies manager Charlie Manuel gave his take on Shane Victorino, who played eight seasons for Philadelphia before his trade to the Dodgers at the 2012 trading deadline.

“He’s a good player. His wrist was sore at times last year, but he’s healthy," Manuel said. “He’s a little guy, he’s strong, he’s got tools from both sides of the plate, he’s a better right-handed hitter at times. You go back three or four years, he was about even left-handed and right-handed. All of a sudden the last two years his left-handed has gone down some.

“I think the fact that the Red Sox got him and that he’s got some time on the deal will be better for him.’’

On Victorino's clubhouse presence, Manuel said, “He’s always yapping. He’s energy. He’s a character. I think he’s a lot more like [Kevin] Youkilis than [Dustin Pedroia]. He’s got a lot of nervous energy.’’