Ortiz approves of Sox moves so far

Red Sox designated hitter David Ortiz on Friday gave his team’s recent offseason signing a thumbs up in an interview on Boston sports radio station WEEI. In particular, he was glad to see the team add hitters who might help protect him in the lineup.

“It’s good,” Ortiz said of soon-to-be-Sox Mike Napoli and Shane Victorino. “This division every year gets tougher and tougher. If you want to compete at the highest level you definitely need to sign good players and that’s what they’re doing right now.”

Ortiz was also happy with the team coming to terms with righthanded reliever Koji Uehara. Ortiz is 0 for 7 -- including two strikeouts -- against the Japanese pitcher over his career.

“He’s a guy I can tell you he’s funky,” Ortiz said. “He doesn’t have something special that you can be surprised with but he knows how to keep a hitter off balance, which is the reason why he can get a lot of hitters out. That’s what every team is looking for right, pitchers that can get hitters out. And he’s one of them.”

Uehara had one of the best strikeout-to-walk ratios in baseball history last season, fanning 43 and walking just three.

Ortiz had called in for the radio interview to promote his charity golf tournament, which is taking place in the Dominican Republic this week.