Law: Minor upgrade for Sox at little cost

ESPN.com Insider Keith Law sizes up the Red Sox's trade for Joel Hanrahan (CLICK HERE -- Insider content) by saying the Sox didn't get much, but really didn't give up much either.

Law acknowledges that Hanrahan is coming off a terrible season, "posting his worst walk rate since 2007 while allowing 8 homers in just 59 innings, and now has just one year of control left, but will earn $6-7 million because of the way the arbitration process overvalues saves."

As for what the Red Sox gave up, Law calls it a "passel of suspects with only one guy in the group who might turn out to be an above-average player, and even that player, Stolmy Pimentel, is a real longshot. Pimentel has touched 96 mph with his fastball from time to time and shows an above-average changeup, but the lack of an average breaking ball and well below-average fastball command (despite a good delivery) have really held back his performance at Double-A; he repeated the level in 2012 and improved to a 4.59 ERA and a 17 percent strikeout rate. He could turn into a solid big league starter, and he's exactly the kind of longshot prospect the Pirates should try to get in any trade, but when he's the most interesting asset coming back to you it's not a great statement about your overall return."

Law notes that he doubts Red Sox fans will be sorry to see Mark Melancon go, says Jerry Sands is a bench player at best and that Ivan DeJesus "might surface as a utility player" but that's no guarantee.

Law also says he's surprised that the Sox received infielder Brock Holt. "He's probably a utility guy but does have a great history of hitting for average and high contact rates in the minors."