Tito talks to Schaap about ownership

In an E:60 clip, former Red Sox manager Terry Francona sits down with ESPN’s Jeremy Schaap to discuss the revelations in his upcoming book that Sox ownership was more worried about ratings and image than wins on the field.

“I definitely think they wanted to win. They also wanted to sell the product,” Francona told Schaap. "I don’t blame them for that. Sometimes it conflicted, made it harder for me to maybe get our work done. I just wanted to make sure that we did win.”

In an excerpt in this week’s Sports Illustrated, Francona described nearly walking out of a meeting when team chairman Tom Werner, in complaining about sagging television ratings, said the team had to “start winning in more exciting fashion.”

“I didn’t care if it was exciting or not,” Francona told Schaap. “In fact for me it was too exciting. I have to be consistent. If I’m consistent, I thought we were good enough to win. If I start going up and down like a roller coaster our team is going to do the same thing and it won’t work.”