Four Sox players will participate in WBC

PROVIDENCE, R.I. – Four Boston Red Sox players will compete for their respective countries this spring at the World Baseball Classic.

Right-handed pitcher Alfredo Aceves (Mexico), center fielder Shane Victorino (USA), infielder Xander Bogaerts (Netherlands) and right-handed pitcher Jose De La Torre (Puerto Rico) will be the Red Sox players leaving spring training for the tournament.

“We had a lot of conversations with a lot of players,” Red Sox general manager Ben Cherington said Thursday. “I think some were taken out for health-related reasons, coming off health issues from last year and even though we’re optimistic where guys are, there’s some control that the team has over those situations, and there’s other cases where we had players decided they wanted to be in camp the whole time and turned it down. Obviously, there’s a small handful that looks like they’re going to play.”

Bogaerts, one of the Sox’s top prospects, will attend his first big-league camp this spring before playing for the Netherlands.

“This will be his first big league camp, so he’ll have experience and then he’ll have an opportunity to play on a stage and play in what will be meaningful games for his country and I think it’ll be a good experience for him.”

Aceves will likely serve as a starter for Mexico, so the Red Sox will stretch him out and get his pitch count up during camp before he reports for the WBC.