Henry recalls moment with Weaver

Red Sox owner John Henry shared a memory of Earl Weaver, the Hall of Fame manager who died Saturday at the age of 82.

"I moved to Florida in 1989," Henry wrote in an e-mail, “to do the Senior Professional Baseball Association." Henry owned the West Palm Beach Tropics. "Our manager was Dick Williams. We had Dave Kingman, Mickey Rivers, Al Hrabosky, Ron Washington and many others.

"One day in preseason we were playing in Miami against Earl Weaver’s team. After the game, I went into Earl’s office and introduced myself. I told him that we had a catcher who we were going to have to cut who had been playing in the Mexican League. 'He can really hit, but we have two excellent catchers. Your catching looks suspect.'

“He replied, trying to suppress laughter, 'Young man, this has to be the first time in my baseball career anyone on the other side of the field ever tried to help me. And boy, do I need help.'

"We always laughed about it whenever I saw him after that."