Francona on 'SC': 'They're good owners'

Former Red Sox manager Terry Francona appeared on "SportsCenter" to talk with Hannah Storm about his book, "Terry Francona: The Red Sox Years," which was released today.

Francona bristled at Storm's characterization of the book as an indictment of Red Sox ownership.

"The way my tenure there ended was very public and hurtful. I think probably some of that comes out," Francona said. "If you read the whole book, it's meant to be kind of a lot of funny, touching stories about the eight years there. But we also had to deal with the end.

"I was disappointed on a lot of fronts, but it's not meant to be just a poke at ownership. I think I said in there they're good owners. They are good owners."

Francona acknowledges ownership's interest in marketing and generating revenue, saying that was their right and not a bad thing, but that he always wanted to keep winning as the top priority,and disputes the notion that he lost control of the clubhouse in his final season.

Francona also said that his use of painkillers becoming public was hurtful, but that he's moved on from that. "I'm probably never going to change my opinion of what happened, but I don't wake up every morning feeling vindictive."