Francona: The Ultimate Red Sox Quiz

Tito knows all the answers. Do you? Rick Yeatts/Getty Images

Plenty already has been said and written about "Francona: The Red Sox years," the new book co-authored by former Sox manager Terry Francona and Boston Globe sports columnist Dan Shaughnessy, which offers an inside look at Francona's eight years as Sox manager.

Think you know the Sox? Take "Francona: The Ultimate Red Sox Quiz" and see how you fare:

1. On the day of the 2004 Duck Boat parade, who said: "Can't you guys do one thing right?"

2. Who told Francona, "I always take the last shot."?

3. Who was Francona talking about when he said, "They're not going to fire a guy over one mistake."?

4. Who was Theo Epstein talking about when he said, "I think he thought, 'Hey, they want me so bad they'll hire this manager just to get me.'"?

5. Who told Francona before he was hired, "Take it or leave it, because if you don't want it, we'll get somebody else."?

6. What Sox player was Tom Werner talking about when he said, "That smile is more of a sneer."?

7. Which player refused to shake Francona's hand on his first day of spring training?

8. True or false: Francona had a team curfew.

9. Who was Francona talking about when he said: "You just never knew when the button would go off. You could see it coming most of the time, but by the time it got to that point, it was too late."?

10. Who did Francona rag on while playing poker, saying, "You may know numbers, but you're not street-smart! I can read you!"?

11. What piece of equipment did Francona use that had to be replaced four or five times a year?

12. Who was Francona talking about when he said, "Overall, [Player X] was tough on me. He was used to doing things his way, and that was difficult for me. He had so much pride, and that gets in the way sometimes."?

13. Complete this sentence from Francona: "I've always contended that no one could be a good big-league manager if he's a [blank]."

14. How did Francona buy time before having to speak with GM Theo Epstein after games?

15. What player did Francona say was "Boston-ed out" and suggested that "Maybe it's time for you to move on."?

16. What was Francona referring to when he said, "Joe [Torre] was pissed, and I don't blame him."?

17. Who called Francona after the team had played .500 ball for more than three months in 2004 and told him, "This is not acceptable."?

18. Which Sox player was a Philadelphia radio talk-show host talking about when he said, "He's the first player-manager in baseball since Pete Rose."?

19. Who did Francona send a personal check to for $20,000 after players did not vote him a full playoff share in 2004?

20. Francona gave a one-fingered salute to the fans of what team as he was driving down to spring training in 2005?

21. What was Francona referring to when he said, "That was the beginning of us [ownership and baseball operations] starting to butt heads and me asking, 'What are we here for?'"?

22. Who said to Francona, "Terry, we want you to make a public apology to Manny."?

23. Which Sox pitcher told Francona, "I really wanted to punch you out" after being taken out of a playoff game?

24. What Sox player presented Francona with a signed jersey as a parting gift?

25. Who told Francona, "I've been around a lot of baseball managers but you, by far, make me the most uncomfortable."?

26. Who visited Francona after his knee surgery in 2005 and told him that he expected to be the team's next GM after Epstein's gorilla suit departure?

27. Whose engagement was celebrated on a harbor cruise on John Henry's yacht in the middle of the Yankees' sweep of the Sox?

28. What was Francona talking about when he said, "We all have our complaints about the workplace, but in the tough times they'd move the earth."?

29. Which Sox player did Mike Lowell tell, "Simmer down, Napoleon" after he hit his second big-league home run?

30. Who walked into the manager's office just as Francona mooned some front-office staff?

31. Which Sox player did Francona give a Tedy Bruschi Patriots jersey to as a welcome gift?

32. Which Sox player was Francona talking about when he said, "He's the nicest guy ever. He just … whether it was pain threshold or whatever, he came out of the lineup for a lot of things, things that maybe other players wouldn't come out of the lineup for. There was nothing malicious ever."?

33. Francona said he was pushed off the platform at what ceremony, saying: "They were all getting into the trophy and they didn't even know I was there."?

34. What did Francona call "the worst road trip in the history of the game"?

35. Where was Francona when Manny Ramirez slapped Kevin Youkilis in the dugout?

36. What caused Francona to lose his composure in his car, to the point at which a Boston cop came up to him and asked him if he was OK?

37. What did Francona leave on the corner of his office desk on a daily basis, and told coaches and clubhouse attendants they could take from it?

38. Who did Mark Teixeira say treated him "very poorly" at a dinner with Sox officials trying to persuade him to sign with Boston?

39. What deal was former Sox chief operating officer Mike Dee alluding to when he said, "That was all about television ratings. They were panicked about the ratings."?

40. What deal was Theo Epstein talking about when he said, "We overthought it. We relied way too much on the impact of defense and looked past the simplest explanation, which was that you don't want old guys playing in the middle of the field. That was my fault."?

41. Who said, when discussing the decision to go for a "quick fix" by acquiring Adrian Gonzalez and Carl Crawford: "Shame on me for giving in to it, but at some point the landscape is what it is."?

42. What was Red Sox doctor Larry Ronan referring to when he said, "Tito, nobody outside of this room will ever know."?

43. What Sox player was Terry Francona talking about when he said, "He was just tentative all year. He was jumpy up there. I think he was afraid to make a mistake."?

44. What was Francona referring to when he said, "I'm not saying it was right … [but] it was more disturbing to me to think they would not protect each other, or one guy wouldn't tell another guy to knock it off."?

45. Who did a miffed Francona ask, "What's the score of the Jets game?" during a Sox game?

46. Who said, "I feel like I was in the dugout just as much as any other year. I have a hard time grasping what everybody else thinks. Maybe I'm just not smart enough to figure that out."?

47. Francona said, "The fact that they ordered from Popeye's every once in a while, that doesn't matter." In that context, what did he say did matter?

48. Who said, "I don't think I took advantage of Tito. He may think I did, but it's probably not coming from something that I did to him."?

49. Francona said, "There were more egos on [blank] than there were on the team." Who was he talking about?

50. Who said, "There was a conflict between pitchers and position players. It shouldn't be like that. Guys weren't getting along, and we didn't address it as players. Players wanted the manager or the general manager to do something. It just became a rift."?

51. What team-building event away from the field seemed to backfire on the Sox in September 2011?

52. Who said, regarding the team meeting after a 14-0 win in Toronto: "It wasn't about Tito. Some guys were mad for other reasons. They weren't mad at him. He didn't need to change."?

53. What former Sox player called Francona on the day he was let go by the Sox and left him a phone message saying, "You were an OK manager."?

54. What did the Sox ask back from Francona almost immediately after his departure?

55. Who told Francona, regarding the manager's demand to find out who had made allegations to the Boston Globe that he had misused pain medication, "I did not tell him we would do some Nixonian investigation because I knew how impossible that kind of examination was."?

56. Who said, "I don't have a drug problem, that's pretty obvious. I don't drink that much, but I joke about it a lot."?

57. Who said, "Tito's overall legacy is proving that even in a crazy place, a good man can be himself and still win."?

58. What was Larry Lucchino referring to when he told Francona, "It wasn't [expletive] me. And it wasn't [expletive] John [Henry]."?

59. Who didn't answer Francona's emails asking for cooperation in the writing of the book?

60. Fill in the blanks: Francona said, "Managing the Red Sox was the [blank] job I ever had, and it was the [blank] job I ever had."

Tito Quiz Answers

1. CEO Larry Lucchino, after the team's championship sweatshirts were "misplaced."

2. Michael Jordan, during a pickup game in which Francona, Jordan's manager in Double-A, took the last shot.

3. Grady Little

4. Curt Schilling

5. Lucchino

6. Nomar Garciaparra

7. Manny Ramirez

8. True, at least in the beginning, but Francona said he never checked.

9. Ramirez

10. Bill James

11. His laptop. The computer-illiterate Francona was constantly breaking them.

12. Pedro Martinez

13. "a [expletive] card player.'' Francona added, "It's got all the things you need to do to manage. It's the same mentality.''

14. Brushing his teeth

15. Garciaparra

16. When the Red Sox, spurred by their players, decided to play a game that Francona and Torre had already agreed would be called off because of rain and wet conditions. The Sox won that day in a game in which Jason Varitek famously rumbled with Alex Rodriguez.

17. Lucchino

18. Curt Schilling, in what was intended as a shot at Francona.

19. Sox advance scout Dave Jauss

20. Philadelphia Eagles. The fans were coming back from a Super Bowl loss in Florida.

21. Flying from Florida to Arizona for an exhibition game before going to New York for the season opener.

22. John Henry, after Ramirez refused to play on what had been a promised day off, and Francona didn't cover for him.

23. David Wells

24. Johnny Damon

25. Lucchino

26. Jeremy Kapstein

27. Theo Epstein. He appreciated the gesture, but was mortified by the timing.

28. John Henry flying Jon Lester and his parents from Seattle to Boston after the pitcher's diagnosis of cancer.

29. Dustin Pedroia

30. Red Sox publicist Pam Kenn, between games of a day-night doubleheader.

31. Daisuke Matsuzaka

32. J.D. Drew

33. The presentation of the 2007 World Series trophy.

34. The team's 2008 trip from Florida to Japan to L.A., Oakland, and Toronto to start the season.

35. The dugout bathroom

36. Hearing the news that Manny Ramirez had been traded.

37. His wallet. He told coaches and attendants they were free to take a loan at any time.

38. Lucchino

39. John Lackey's signing

40. Mike Cameron's signing

41. Epstein

42. Francona's getting confidential counseling on pain management.

43. Carl Crawford

44. Reports of drinking in the clubhouse, which he said took place.

45. Lester

46. Josh Beckett

47. Guys getting heavier

48. Beckett

49. Medical staff

50. Kevin Youkilis

51. NFL fantasy draft

52. Pedroia

53. Ramirez

54. His laptop

55. Lucchino

56. Terry Francona

57. Epstein

58. The source of leaks to the Boston Globe

59. Henry

60. "hardest" and "best"