Schilling: Conversation resulted in probe

In the video above, Curt Schilling talks to ESPN's Michelle Steele about his comments on ESPN Radio that former members of the Red Sox organization told him that performance-enhancing drugs were an option for recovery.

Schilling doesn't specify who was part of the clubhouse conversation, but he does name three people who were not -- Terry Francona, Theo Epstein, Jed Hoyer.

"It was a conversation that happened in the clubhouse between a member of the organization and myself," he said. "It wasn't members, plural, it wasn't a bunch of people, it was a conversation. ... I was hurt, I had wanted to go a different route to get healthy and the team and I disagreed, but this was a conversation that came up in the middle of the season between this person and myself, and other people heard the conversation."

Schilling, who is now an ESPN analyst, noted that the conversation actually spurred an investigation by Major League Baseball at the time.

"Someone in the front office became aware of the conversation and went to MLB," he said. "And there was a conversation that I had to have with people from Major League Baseball about this conversation. From that perspective the process worked."