Quick hits from Farrell

FORT MYERS, Fla. -- A few tidbits from Red Sox manager John Farrell, who beat the blizzard out of Boston and was back in camp Friday to watch the day’s informal workout:

On Napoli: Farrell said he has no reservations regarding Mike Napoli’s health, despite the diagnosis of a hip condition that caused the Sox to rework his contract. Napoli is expected to arrive in town Saturday, Farrell said.

The manager said he talked to his new first baseman two days ago.

“He talks very confidently of how he feels,’’ Farrell said. “The work he’s gone through, he’s on a treadmill now running. Even though it’s a modified treadmill to reduce overall some weight impact, he’s back running. And watching him hit, there is no restrictions on his lower half.’’

On Ortiz: David Ortiz remains in the Dominican Republic, continuing some rehab and agility work on his Achilles tendon, Farrell said. The team expects the DH to be ready by the start of the regular season.

“How we get there, that might take some initial adjustment along the way,’’ Farrell said, “but there are no concerns at this point.

“It’s one of the areas where the workload and volume of it, we’ll moinitor it closely," he added. "Once he comes in and gets the most current exam, our medical staff will be informative to us of what should be the recommended path for him.’’

On Aceves, Morales: Alfredo Aceves and Franklin Morales will both come into camp as starting pitchers, a role Farrell said he expects Aceves to have for Mexico in the World Baseball Classic. “We’ll adjust from there,’’ he said.

Morales returned to Connecticut this week and his return to Fort Myers could be delayed by Friday’s blizzard, Farrell said, though he expects Morales back for Tuesday’s first official workout. Some staff members may also be delayed by the blizzard, he said.

On Lackey: While John Lackey said in a recent interview that his right elbow had bothered him since coming to Boston in 2010, Farrell, who was pitching coach in Lackey’s first season, said he was not aware of any physical issues.

“One, he never missed a start," Farrell said. “He never missed a side session. When you look at it, it’s not only the number of games and the number of innings, but the work in between. I will say every pitcher doesn’t feel like 18 years old all the time at this stage of their career, and when you look back, his performance in the second half, he was a very good pitcher. The only thing to say at this point, the repair was done, he feels great and we’re looking forward, we’re not looking back.’’

Farrell addressed the superb condition Lackey appears to be in.

“He's gone through a transformation," Farrell said. “When you look at it, he clearly has dedicated himself to taking care of his body physically, the rehab work he’s gone through from an arm standpoint, and what really shows through at this point in camp and being around him is the confidence in which he speaks from. He’s in a good place right now.

“At this point, we’re not holding him back," Farrell added. "He’s 16 months removed from Tommy John [surgery]. He’ll be mainstreamed."

Because of the World Baseball Classic and a longer exhibition schedule, Farrell said the plan is for starters to make seven starts, with Lackey possibly getting an eighth. He projects the regular starters might not begin their rotation until the fifth game of the exhibition schedule, allowing for more side sessions and “foundational” work.