Another parting shot from Bobby V

FORT MYERS, Fla. -- Even in absentia, Bobby Valentine remains the gift that keeps on giving.

Tuesday, Valentine was named the new athletic director at Sacred Heart University, where school president John Petillo acknowledged that the former Red Sox manager was an “out of the box” selection, since he had no prior experience running a college athletics administration.

Bobby V, meanwhile, made no apologies for his part in the Sox finishing in last place for only the second time since 1932.

“I thought I did a hell of a job in Boston,” Valentine was quoted as saying at his press conference. “I thought what had to be done there was done except for winning a pennant. But Connie Mack wasn’t going to win with that team.”

I tweeted out the Connie Mack comment, and asked for reaction. You didn’t disappoint. Here is a Top 10 list of responses received so far:

No. 10: Frank (@jrislate) -- He’s right, but Mack wouldn't have let it become a circus.

No. 9: Jeremy Kullman (@jeremykullman) -- Does inventing the wrap sandwich qualify you to be an Athletic Director these days?!?!

No. 8: A Leslie Livingstone (@leslivingstone) -- I agree with Valentine. The inmates were allowed to run the asylum. That doesn't work.

No. 7: Sean O'Donnell (@seanotax) -- I can see he is truly a leader of men. Best of luck to all the Sacred Heart athletes. I am sure Bobby V has their backs.

No. 6: Life After Bobby (@LifeAfterBob) -- Makes Butch Hobson look like Mack

No. 5: Tom Brodeur (@Tom_Brodeur) -- Typical Bobby V, nothing is his fault. He was a self-centered manager, and his guys knew it... Tito had many more challenges.

No. 4: Albie Jarvis (@RedSoxPost) -- Bobby V spot-on as usual; what's Mack won lately?

No. 3: Adam Tallman (@Atall33) -- Maybe Bobby V should have dressed up like Connie Mack

No. 2: Blair Landry (@orionisready) -- What's the diff between C Mack and Bobby V? One was born during a Civil War, the other started one.

No. 1: CRL (@Lindowitz) -- “I knew Connie Mack. Connie Mack was a good friend of mine. You, sir, are no Connie Mack."