How many games will Ortiz play in 2013?

Sunday’s news that the Red Sox are shutting down David Ortiz for 5-7 days due to inflammation and discomfort in his heel has to be concerning to fans.

Not only does it mean the big man will start the season on the disabled list, it calls into question just how many games the 37-year-old Ortiz will be able to play this season. Consider that Ortiz first suffered an Achilles injury last July 16 while rounding second base on a home run. It’s been 268 days since the initial injury and Ortiz still can’t perform simple agility drills without feeling soreness. What’s going to happen when he’s subjected to actual game conditions? Will he begin to play back to back games? Three in a row? Four in a row? Or are we looking at a part-time player here?

Time will obviously tell, but those are fair questions at this point.

What’s your prediction for Ortiz this season? When he’s healthy, he showed in the first half of 2012 that he’s still an elite hitter, perhaps the most productive in the Red Sox lineup. But how many games will be able to play? We know he’ll likely miss the first part of April, but what about beyond? Vote in the accompanying poll and share your thoughts in the comments section.