Bradley: 'I don't really get nervous'

NEW YORK -- While manager John Farrell said Jackie Bradley Jr. took the news that he would be the Red Sox left fielder in Monday's opener at Yankee Stadium, Bradley admitted to feeling a thrill.

"I'm pretty excited," Bradley said. "I think it really hasn't hit me yet, until my name is called and then I'm pretty sure I'll go numb a little bit. It's great, it's an honor and I can't wait."

Excited, naturally, but nervous?

"I don't really get nervous," Bradley said. "I just try to relax. I'm a pretty easygoing guy. So nerves don't really get to me much."

Bradley said he felt some relief when finally getting the word from Farrell.

"I was watching 'Life of Pi,' kind of hanging out," he said. "It was kind of like closure. It was good to have a little closure. Finally it's official."

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