Lackey to have MRI in Boston

TORONTO—Red Sox pitcher John Lackey is flying back to Boston Sunday morning for an MRI on what the Red Sox are initially calling a right biceps strain.

Here is what Lackey had to say about the arm injury that caused him to leave the game in the fifth inning Saturday:

“It felt like a pretty good cramp, almost like…all biceps, wasn’t elbow. Pretty frustrating. It was scary when it happened, for sure.’’

Asked if he felt a little better about it after the game, he said: “Yeah, it’s sore, but hopefully not too serious.’’

Lackey said he felt something on the pitch previous to his last one to Jose Reyes, when he left the game:

“I felt a little something tight on the pitch before, but it grabbed me pretty good on the last pitch.’’

Asked about the way his arm dangled at his side as he left, Lackey said: “My hand didn’t go numb or anything like that like I’ve had with elbow stuff. It was pretty much right in the belly of the biceps.’’

How concerned is he that the injury could be serious, since he is returning to Boston Sunday morning for an MRI?

“I don’t know. See what happens tomorrow when I get it checked out.’’