Schilling video: Boston will rally

Curt Schilling talks about the explosions at the Boston Marathon and how the city of Boston will rebound after tragedy.

"I was in New York literally a month after 9/11 in 2001 and one of the things that I walked away from was a sense of pride -- A at being an American, and B at the steadfastness of New York. And I got a feel as I left Boston today that there is some of that there, as well. You don't mess with us. And it makes you feel good," he said.

Schilling predicts that the pro sports teams in Boston and their fans will all rally around this tragedy.

"One of the things that you can be certain of is that all of the local professional franchises are intimately involved, and have been, with Boston, with its citizens, with its charities. So at the events over the next couple of days, and probably over the next couple of months, locally you'll see an outpouring -- not just from the teams, but from the fans at those events. And again, kind of a way of putting your fist up and saying, 'Hey you know what, we're going to pick ourselves up.' "