Middlebrooks bothered, but not worried

BOSTON -- Even though Red Sox third baseman Will Middlebrooks is bothered by the fact that he's 4 for his last 43 at the plate, he’s more upset that he had the opportunity to make a difference in Sunday night’s 5-4 loss to the Kansas City Royals but finished 0-for-5.

“I’m more pissed right now because we lost,” he said. “We lost by one run and I felt I could’ve done something about that. If we’re winning ballgames and I’m still struggling, I’m doing something, I’m playing good defense, making a play, doing something to help us win. When we lose by one run and I’m 0-for-5 in a couple of big situations, it stings a little bit.”

When asked if he’s been pressing too much at the plate because of his recent struggles, Middlebrooks said, “No. I’m just not getting hits.”

Middlebrooks also said his health is fine and there’s nothing wrong with his wrist.

“Nothing’s wrong. It’s part of the game. It happens sometimes,” Middlebrooks said. “I’m not worried about it.”

Neither is Red Sox manager John Farrell.

“He’s not swinging the bat or getting the production as he’s experienced last year,” Farrell said, “but this is someone, he’s our third baseman and we’re going to stick with him and continue to work to get him on track.”