BBTN breaks down Buchholz's success

In the video above, Aaron Boone and Alex Cora discuss Red Sox right-hander Clay Buchholz's dominance, which has helped the Red Sox get off to a great start this season.

"He's been tremendous, and I think it's a matter of him being healthy," Boone says of Buchholz. "He had the back issues a year ago, and I think that really prevented him from really finishing his pitches, really getting out in front and getting the baseball down with his fastball, his breaking ball, his changeup. He elevated more pitches last year, they weren't as crisp, and that's why he got hit around.

"Now we're seeing the Clay Buchholz that's had all this promise throughout his career. It's starting to come to fruition. Him and Lester -- really anchoring this rotation."

Cora thinks that much of Buchholz's success stems from his effectiveness in pitching inside to lefties.

"He's throwing that four-seamer up and in, and then he's throwing that comebacker like Greg Maddux used to do, but at 93-94 [mph], a little bit harder than Maddux used to. When he does that, it opens up the outside of the plate, he can use his changeup, he can use his backdoor breaking ball, and he's very comfortable doing it."