Fenway keeper reaches out

Fenway Park's head groundskeeper Dave Mellor is recovering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), the result of 37 surgeries, the incidents that caused them and the pain that resulted. PTSD cost him a lot of sleep and anguish, and took him a long time to figure out. But once he did, in 2010, he underwent therapy and began to heal.

Now he is on a mission to spread the word to the victims of the Boston Marathon bombings and their families. He suspects that many -- especially the amputees -- will suffer some degree of PTSD, the symptoms of which include nightmares, flashbacks, depression, excessive drinking and mood disorder. If any suffer, he hopes they can deal with it more quickly than he did.

"I want people to know that there's hope, that they're not alone, that there's a bright future for them," he said. "PTSD affects not only the patient but the family, and that there's support for that, too.

ESPN's Steve Maranz visited with Mellor and captures his story in words and on video. Check out the story by clicking HERE and the E:60 video by clicking HERE.