Hershiser: Buchholz not cheating

ESPN MLB analyst Orel Hershiser talked with Colin Cowherd today and the first topic they talked about was Clay Buchholz and the accusations by Blue Jays broadcasters Jack Morris and Dick Hayhurst that Buchholz was cheating during his start Wednesday night.

Here are some of the highlights from Hershiser, who defended Buchholz and said he didn’t think the Sox pitcher was cheating:

-- On whether he’d ever put rosin on his arm: “Yup, for sure ... Why, to get a better grip on the ball. The hitters even want to you to do it because they don’t want to get hit. There’s video of me pouring a cup of water over my head before I take the mound in the world series or any other game, where you just want moisture so that you can activate the rosin to get your hand sticky and there’s nothing wrong with having your hand sticky to get a grip on the baseball.”

-- Is it illegal: “It’s not illegal, it’s not even close to illegal.”

-- Was Buchholz cheating: “No I don’t think he’s cheating at all.”

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