Matt sez: Weather shouldn't be issue

BOSTON -- Those of you wondering whether rain could threaten Wednesday night's game against the Twins, I wouldn't be too worried.

The tarp wasn't on the field before the game, the Sox taking batting practice outside, and the skies were still dry. Just to make sure, I reached out to my friend Matt Noyes, the NECN meteorologist extraordinaire.

Here's what he told me in an e-mail:

"Sox game tonight isn't all that bad -- torrential downpours and thunder have impacted Hartford, Connecticut, but that heavy rain will remain west of Boston... leaving a passing shower from time to time, a cool ocean wind holding temperatures just under 60 and blowing from first to third base, and perhaps even some drizzle by game's end. But a playable evening at the park, by New England standards."

So, bring the poncho and umbrella just in case, but expect them to play.