Keith Law: MLB will eye Buchholz closely

ESPN MLB Insider Keith Law thinks that league officials will keep a close eye on Clay Buchholz in the wake of the spitball controversy, amid a report that he used a combination of rosin and sunscreen in an attempt to get a better grip on the ball during a start in Toronto last week.

"Now that the allegations are out there, Major League Baseball has to at least do something publicly to show that they're taking this very seriously," Law said. "Any attempt to doctor the baseball obviously violates the rules.

"I don't think you'll find many people inside the industry who say that this is just part of the game. If Buchholz were to try this again in his next start or the start after that, he'd be a fool, because he's got to realize that the scrutiny on him is going to be much higher in these next few outings than it is on any other pitcher at this point in time."