Fenway fan catches pair of homers

A fan catches Jarrod Saltalamacchia's seventh-inning homer, his second souvenir of the game. Michael Ivins/Getty Images

Most baseball fans could go to dozens, even hundreds of games and never catch a ball. But one lucky fan at Fenway on Sunday caught two home run balls from the center-field bleachers.

The fan, sitting in the front row of Section 36, caught a home run by Mike Carp in the sixth inning, then Jarrod Saltalamacchia's second round-tripper of the game in the seventh. The distance for Carp's home run was 422 feet, while Saltalamacchia's shot was listed at 421 feet.

According to ESPN Stats & Analysis, the time of flight for each home run was more than five and a half seconds, giving the fan, who did not have a glove, a little extra time to camp under each ball.