Ross dealing with another concussion

DETROIT -- The Boston Red Sox confirmed Friday that catcher David Ross is dealing with a concussion.

"He came away from (Thursday) with quite a bit of information with the tests he went through and he clearly has a concussion," Red Sox manager John Farrell said Friday in the dugout prior to Boston's game at Comerica Park against the Detroit Tigers. "Results were evident in those tests."

Ross was placed on the DL on June 18 and missed this fourth game in a row on Friday.

Ross was examined in Pittsburgh by neuropsychologist Dr. Micky Collins on Thursday. Collins is MLB's consultant on concussions at the University of Pittsburgh's Medical Center.

"(The) recommendation was to basically shut down for a period of time," Farrell said. "He'll be away from the team and return home to Tallahassee until his next scheduled appointment with Dr. Collins, which is the first week of July."

Ross was not examined there the first time he went on the DL back on May 12 for concussion symptoms that sidelined him for 11 games.

"The things he was dealing with weren't going away," Farrell said. "We have to really be cautious here because it's the second time he's suffered one. That will take some additional time to get over those symptoms. There's no timetable on his return. The only timetable we have is on his next appointment and it won't be there until then."

Farrell added, "The only thing they do know that staying in this environment where there is a lot of noise, a lot intensity and travel that's not the best situation to let the current symptoms subside."

So for the time being, Ryan Lavarnway will back up starter Jarrod Saltalamacchia.

"I think you'll see the tandem working very similar to the role David had," Farrell said.

Lavarnway got the start on Thursday and went 1-for-3. Saltalamacchia got the start on Friday.