Buchholz cuts short session, will get MRI

BOSTON -- Throwing off a mound for the first time in nearly 20 days, Red Sox starter Clay Buchholz cut short his bullpen session after 15-18 pitches due to discomfort in his trapezius muscle.

Buchholz, who has been on the disabled list with the injury since June 18, is expected to get an MRI on Wednesday afternoon.

“About 15 or 18 pitches in with decent intensity he started to feel it,” manager John Farrell explained. “His own words were, ‘It’s not ready yet.’”

Said Buchholz: “I felt better this time, it’s just still there. We’ll see what the staff wants me to do, if there’s any way to treat it differently.”

Despite throwing with intensity from flat ground for the two straight days, concern arose when Buchholz felt the soreness after taking to the bullpen mound. However, as Farrell noted, it’s only when Buchholz takes the mound that he starts to feel pain once again.

“It’s more specifically in his follow through,” Farrell said. “But only the follow through at a greater intensity. That ceiling continues to be pushed back but it’s not to the point of a normal bullpen, intensified bullpen or game activity.”

“It’s not anything that I couldn’t go out and pitch with, but it’s sort of the same thing I felt the first time I missed a start,” said Buchholz. “I felt fine against the Yankees and then it had to be that throw I made in an awkward position. That’s sort of where I’m at right now.”

For now, the Red Sox will await the results of Buchholz MRI to figure out a plan moving forward. Farrell hopes the MRI will provide a better understanding of what he’s facing moving forward.

Responding to a question on possibility of not pitching before All-Star break, Buchholz said:

“I hope not. Hopefully, this week, we can figure it out and take care of this real quick and get the process moving faster than it has. I’m not ruling that out.”

But Farrell added: “The only way we can address [his future] is until he’s symptom free. Then we’ve got to plan accordingly.”

Buchholz last pitched on June 8, when he felt an initial strain on his AC joint on a play at first base. Before his injury, Buchholz was 9-0 with a league leading 1.71 ERA. He was eligible to be activated from the disabled list on Tuesday.

“His performance was as good as you’re going to find in baseball for the time that he was active,” Farrell said. “We have to do what’s right for Clay to get him back, not only active, but to the level of performance that he was operating at before he went down.”