Clemens 'not too worried' about Biogenesis

BOSTON -- At one point in the not-too-distant past, Roger Clemens was at the forefront of Major League Baseball’s investigation on the use of performance-enhancement drugs.

With the Biogenesis scandal baseball's latest PED case, Clemens was asked about the situation.

"I’ve got my own feelings about particular people in MLB, how they approached my situation without learning facts,” said Clemens, who was at Fenway Park for ceremonies honoring the 1988 Red Sox team that won the division title under manager Joe Morgan. “But I can’t comment on that because I just ... I don’t know about it. I’m extremely busy, I’m not too worried about it either way to tell you the truth and I’m sure they’re handling it the way they see fit.

“Just a lot of people making comments off the cuff that just don’t know the facts. I know I never do that anyway, but just how hurtful it was over the period of time with us until we had to get into a fair setting and do it our way and stop all the he-said, she-said and all the maybe-this and maybe-that and speculation. So I would never comment because I don’t know what’s going on there.”

Clemens and Alex Rodriguez, the focal point of the Biogenesis case, were teammates with the Yankees in 2007. Clemens was asked Tuesday if he could empathize with A-Rod.

“I don’t know,” Clemens said. “When A-Rod was my teammate in New York, I was glad he was my teammate. I did everything to make him feel comfortable when he was our teammate but I did that for all my teammates. Ask anybody I played for here or any of the four clubs I played for, I think I was a pretty solid teammate. Trying to go out there and not only win for them but back them when I had to on the field.”

Clemens also spoke glowingly about playing for Morgan during the days of "Morgan Magic."

Morgan called the PED stain on baseball “sad.”