Buchholz getting (dare we say it?) closer

BOSTON -- The 2013 season ends exactly eight weeks from Sunday.

Clay Buchholz, who has made just two starts in the last 10 ½ weeks, none since June 8, on Sunday had his most aggressive throwing session to date in the two weeks since seeing orthopedist James Andrews for a second opinion on the bursitis in his right shoulder.

Buchholz would not pinpoint when he expects to throw again off the mound, but concurred with what manager John Farrell said before the game, that he’s getting close.

“This is the best I’ve felt since the day in Seattle where I threw and didn’t feel anything,’’ Buchholz said. “That’s where we’re at.’’

Farrell said the Sox would use as a marker Buchholz’s ability to throw from 90 feet with a crow’s hop at normal intensity.

“This was the highest intensity I’ve thrown today,’’ Buchholz said, “to the point where I’m not thinking I’m going to feel something. I was able to let loose a little more.’’

Buchholz estimates he was throwing at 80 percent intensity. He also did some long tossing from 150 feet. “I’m still throwing all my pitches,’’ he said.