Snapshot: Big Papi and the baby

John Sleezer/Kansas City Star/Getty Images

Um, why was David Ortiz holding a baby on the field?

He said a fan handed him the child before the game for a photo while Ortiz was signing autographs. Then, the national anthem started and he held the baby until it was over.

In other weird Ortiz news this morning, the big man recently did a commercial for for Dish Network's "Learn how to talk Boston" campaign. In explaining his "tempah" (original, right?), Ortiz poked a little fun at himself:

"I have a really good tempah, unless I see a phone," he said (video below). "Then I have a really bad tempah."

Ortiz, of course, smashed a dugout phone with his bat after being ejected from a game in Baltimore. He was reportedly fined $5,000 for his actions, though he is appealing.