'Banged-up' Pedroia leads by example

BOSTON -- Once the scans came back negative on Dustin Pedroia’s left ankle Saturday night, Red Sox manager John Farrell had no doubt the club’s second baseman would be in the lineup for the series finale against the New York Yankees on Sunday night at Fenway Park.

Pedroia is batting in his usual No. 3 spot in the order.

During his nine-pitch eighth-inning at-bat Saturday, he fouled a ball off his leg and hit the ground in obvious pain. He finished the AB by striking out swinging and was then removed from the game.

He’s still sporting a little bit of a limp today, but he says he’s fine and ready to go.

“He’s banged up a little bit but he’s ready to go,” Farrell said.

Pedroia has proven many times in the past that he’s more than willing to play through pain and injuries. Given Boston’s first-place standing in the AL East, Farrell knew there was no way a bruised leg would hold Pedroia out of the lineup.

“He leads by example in situations like this, or with his thumb, or how he goes about every at-bat, the way he plays defense,” Farrell said. “We also know he’s a vocal leader, but his actions speak volumes and much louder than anything he could possibly say. He’s full of grit and sets the tone for how we play this game.”

Overall, Pedroia is hitting .292 with eight homers and 69 RBIs for the Red Sox this season.

“There’s no false pretenses with him,” Farrell said. “He’s about one thing and that’s winning for the Red Sox.”