Peavy one-on-one with Olney

Jake Peavy, who starts Sunday night for the Red Sox against Dodgers lefty Chris Capuano, sat down with ESPN's Buster Olney to talk about his career, joining Boston this season, what he says to himself when he's pitching, and what it's like to get traded.

"Any time you get traded, and I've been traded twice, it's a sad moment while it's happening because you're looking at the faces you're going to leave, some of these guys, [former White Sox teammates] Adam Dunn, John Danks, Chris Sale, they're like brothers to me, you spend so much time together," Peavy said.

"But knowing you're going to be so happy on the other side, going to such a memorable, historic franchise, that the expectations from the front office, players and the fan base are so high. I couldn't be any more excited to have this [Red Sox] uniform I have on right now."

Peavy went on to say he's enjoying his new teammates' company.

"It's been fun. Obviously of late we've struggled just a little bit, but it's been fun. It's such a veteran group. ... It's a special bond these guys have and I'm trying to fit in any which way I can."

Olney asked Peavy about his habit of talking to himself on the mound, wondering, "What are you saying to yourself and why are you saying it?"

Peavy smiled and said, "You know, I really, at times, I don't even know what I'm saying to myself."

He went on to say he's often reminding himself of what he needs to do, but also conceded, "I'm an emotional guy."

Watch the video above to hear more from Peavy, including his thoughts on how he compensates for diminishing fastball velocity and the joy of pitching in Dodger Stadium.