A Farrell vs. Francona playoff series?

BOSTON -- There is a legit chance that John Farrell’s Boston Red Sox could host Terry Francona’s Cleveland Indians on Oct. 4 in Game 1 of the American League Division Series at Fenway Park. Cleveland has crawled to within a half-game of a wild card spot and has a cupcake slate the rest of the way.

While focused on matters at hand in Boston, Farrell on Wednesday admitted he has taken note of the possibility for an intriguing first-round matchup.

“Yeah, there’d be a lot of stories to all of it if that’s the way it works out,” Farrell said. “Because we’re in it, because we’re fans of the game, yeah, we pay attention. But hell, we’ve got stuff to take care of ourselves.”

Cleveland has won 10 of its last 14 to climb closer to wild card leaders Texas and Tampa Bay.

The Indians’ play comes as no surprise to Farrell, an old pal of Francona’s who served as the Red Sox pitching coach alongside Francona from 2007 to 2010.

“Not at all. They’ll run through a wall for him,” Farrell said. “It’s not surprising that even when they’ve had some injuries, whether it’s to [Justin] Masterson or some other guys, guys are stepping up. It’s kind of characteristic of his teams.”

The Red Sox have shown a similar style under Farrell, who obviously learned some of the craft under Francona. Now the two may be on a collision course for October.