Better to win blowouts than nailbiters?

BALTIMORE -- We tend to pay a great deal of attention to a team's record in one-run games, presuming that the better teams win the close ones.

But at least this season, there is a far greater correlation between a team's success in blowout games (games decided by 5 or more runs) than in one-run games.

The Red Sox are tied with the Tigers for the most wins by 5 runs or more, with 33. The Indians are next with 30, the Athletics fourth with 28, the Rangers fifth with 27, and the Rays sixth with 23. The Red Sox, Tigers and Athletics are all division winners, and the Indians, Rangers and Rays are the three teams still in the wild-card race.

The teams with the best record in one-run games? The Yankees are 29-16, the Indians 30-17, and the Athletics 30-20. The Sox are 21-19, the Tigers 20-24.