Leyland: Victorino a 'tough kid'

DETROIT -- Tigers manager Jim Leyland apparently isn’t interested in making an issue of whether Shane Victorino’s setup at the plate causes him to get hit by pitches.

On Monday, Game 3 starter Justin Verlander had said some of the pitches that have hit Victorino are strikes. Victorino led the American League by being hit 18 times, a dozen times by right-handed pitchers while batting right-handed.

Leyland was asked to address the subject Tuesday.

“I think Victorino doesn’t really care if he gets hit,’’ Leyland said. “He’s a tough kid. He stands up on top of the plate. So he does get hit a lot. When you try to throw the ball inside, you hit a guy like Shane, because he’s so close to the plate. I don’t have any problem with that. It is what it is. You play the game and see how it all plays out.’’

Apprised of Verlander’s comments after the Sox workout Monday, Victorino said: “He can think what he wants.’’